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Our customers are saying:
HOLY COW! I have ordered soaps before but never like this! ... They come wrapped so perfectly! These look exquisite....there is no way you can be this good...LOL! 

I am so impressed! Thank you so much and I love the little samples.

Chass W.

--Blue Springs, MS


I have loved each and every soap I have ordered from you!

Sobia R.

--Troy, NY


Thank you for such a perfect purchase! Your site is easy to maneuver, your descriptions are thorough, your prices are great and most importantly, your soaps are exceptional. Iíve only been using cold process soaps since 2004 so Iím no expert. However, your soaps are of the quality I seek ó wonderfully creamy, very cleansing and nicely fragranced. Iíll be purchasing more shortly.

Pam M.

--Kaneohe, HI


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Good skin care begins with simple cleansing.

Good cleansing begins with great soap.

Great soap begins with nature's own gentle ingredients.


Experience the affordable every-day luxury of fine, hand made artisan soap. Crafted from skin-loving, pure vegetable oils, exotic cocoa butter & fair-trade, unrefined Shea butter, and kissed with a touch of cruelty free Tussah silk.

Each batch is formulated from scratch using the 'cold-process' method, for a mild, gentle lather - in fragrances to delight every body - leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and pampered every time you wash.

Our Customers are Saying:

Hi Kerry,
I dont know how it happend but I ran out of soap.I cannot stand any other than yours. Thank you for the speed that you got it here, Life almost came to an end without your soap. I tell people about you so the little soaps were perfect to help me advertise your soap. Thanks for saving my skin.

Shawn W.
--Kennewick, WA

I ordered soaps from you back in the fall of last year and I am on my last bar. It is time to order some more and wanted you to know I put in an order for about 6 bars of soap . I absolutely love your soaps., esp the herbal ones they de-stress me , as I am a nursing assistant and work at a hospital.

I love roses and saw you had them on sale so am gonna try them. My favorites so far are the lavender and the juniper breeze. The lavender actually fragrances the bathroom even. Keep up the good work in soap making.

Linda O.
--Yakima, WA

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU! I love love love the soaps. I also loved how fast you shipped them and the packaging was very nice. 

They are all so beautiful and I love the scent of each and every one of them.... I had been out of handmade soap for a couple of months and had been using store bought body wash and hated it with a passion so it felt so nice to be back to the handmade soap again.

I have to say that through every bar of handmade soap I have ever tried from other soapers and even the batches I myself have made yours is my favorite and I will be back for more! 

Mandi A.
--Blackwell, OK

I can't get enough of your soaps! They are pure heaven!

Leslie C.
--Duxbury, MA

I absolutely love your soaps. I will be back for more especially for the holidays. I never want to get out of the shower :)

Karen B.
--Wanaque, NJ



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